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Everyone and everything is going digital. Your social security data, health insurance, financial accounts and every important piece of information about you is saved somewhere electronically. The big question is: what happens to all this information after you are gone? Will your loved ones have access to your assets? Will they know where to find all of your important information when they need it? We created LegacyArmour to make that all possible from one central location!

LegacyArmour’s innovative legacy planning technology helps you prepare your estate, encrypt the information you want protected, and store it safely in secure digital vaults until it is time to deliver it automatically to your beneficiaries. Included in the LegacyArmour platform are tools to help you organize your assets and a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine that will identify when it is time to deliver your information.

Reliable & Safe

Multiple Encrypted Vaults

You will be given multiple encrypted vaults and assign different recipients, so you can choose what information gets automatically delivered to whom based on different delivery options such as date, death or even incapacitation. You have full control!

Health Cards

Two wallet-size health cards are provided for you and an additional family member. Each will include emergency contacts, medications, allergies and a link to your health directive for medical services to access if needed

Financial Accounts

Connect your financial accounts and designate auto delivery of bank names, account numbers, and balances to select family members if something happens.

Legacy Planning Checklist

legacy planning checklist to ensure that you have protected all essential information, such as estate documents, videos, pictures, insurance & financials, even social media and online accounts.

Estate planning Templates

for US, UK & Canada included, with step-by-step guides for your convenience. These are up-to-date legal documents that you can fill out, notarize and store the digital copy of in any of your vaults

Centralized Location

Most Importantly! Secure, encrypted storage with our customer care team checking on you when necessary and ensuring loved ones have access to ALL of the information instantly, from a centralized location using a secure link if something happened to you.

We are a Cyber Security Company Dedicated to
Protecting your Privacy & Security

Your Information Is Safe

There are a lot of family legacy planning companies on the market. So, what sets us apart from others?

We provide you with the highest level of security that goes beyond military grade encryption as others advertise. Most companies only encrypt data after it is uploaded. We encrypt your important information before it is uploaded to us.

We also provide you mutiple vaults for multiple recipients, so we may encrypt each uniquely with the passphrases you expect your recipient to use to unlock their respective vault(s). By doing so, we make it harder for hackers trying to intercept the information, to be able to decipher it.

The LegacyArmour platform was designed and built by certified security professionals driven by a passion to protect you, your privacy and your family!

Simpler, Faster and More Secure!


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